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InfoDay – Culture, Criativity and Inclusive Society

2 de dezembro, 2021

(Texto apenas disponível em Inglês)

The InfoDay  for the 2022 calls from Cluster 2- Culture, Criativity and Inclusive Society, organized by the European Commission, is taking place, online, on the 7th of December.

Cluster 2 focuses on democratic governance, cultural heritage and cultural and creative insdutries, and on social and economic transformations. In the InfoDay, the European Commission will present and inform on all the topics for 2022 from Cluster 2 which deadline is the 20th of April of 2022. Participate and get all the information you need on your topic of interest.

Following the Infoday, a Brokerage Event is being organized on the 8th of December. This is an excellent opportunity to look for Consortium partners, to establish future collaborations and to raise your profile.

Follow the InfoDay here.
Register in the Brokerage event here.


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