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BAXTER has launched a call for innovators

7 of October, 2019

Baxter Project Call Nutrition EFI final

Calling all innovators: Prediction & Detection of Enteral Feeding Intolerance (EFI)


  • Enteral Nutrition (EN) is the preferred method of nutrition support when patients cannot be fed orally.
  • However, about 40% of adult ICU patients will develop EN feeding intolerance leading to negative outcomes
  • Current standard for measuring EN intolerance is poor indicator; yet novel technologies are still early stage ,

Baxter’s Call Objective

  • We seek partners that have products/technologies (finished or under development) that directly assess parameters associated with EN intolerance at an early stage.
  • The selected approaches must provide information for better clinical decision making to start/stop/alter enteral feeding.


Stage: From Proof of Concept through to Marketed solutions

Format: Please submit a non-confidential summary (Either 2 pages or 10 slides max)

Deadline: 30th October 2019



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