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27 of December, 2017

Applications are available for the granting support by the Fundo Azul, with a focus on Maritime Safety, Blue Biotechnology and Monitoring & Protection of the Marine Environment, distributed in 3 notices with applications deadline 04/03/2018 and another with a focus on New Sea Entrepreneurs with application deadline 02/28/2018.

Update 03/01/2018: no more applications available – there is already an application with the Técnico as promoter and therefore no more applications will be accepted

Maritime Safety

Deadline: 3/4/2018

Maximum Funding for applications: € 200,000

Rate Financing: 90% Eligible expenses

Each beneficiary may, at most, be the promoter of one application

Typology of actions to be financed:

  1. border and customs control;
  2. Monitoring of navigation in sovereign spaces;
  3. fisheries control;
  4. Prevention, reduction and control of marine pollution of ships and ports;
  5. Prevention and suppression of illegal activities;
  6. Navigation safety;
  7. Maritime rescue, rescue and assistance in maritime and domestic spaces.
  8. Awareness raising, information and training on risks related to maritime and coastal activities.

Update 06/02/2018: no more applications available – there is already 2 applications with the Técnico as promoter and therefore no more applications will be accepted

Blue Biotechnology

Deadline: 3/4/2018

Maximum Funding for applications: € 200,000

Rate Financing: 90% Eligible expenses

Each beneficiary may, at most, be the promoter of two applications.

Typology of actions to be financed:

  1. new uses of molecules of biological origin, with bioactivity or not, and metabolic pathways with potential for application in other sectors;
  2. demonstrators of innovative production systems and/or components designed to extract value from marine resources;
  3. to enable aquaculture production of new species to be developed or to improve production processes for species already in use, with a focus on food production, feed, parasite control, anti-fouling coatings, or other value-added applications;
  4. to make use of and exploit the by-products of the aquaculture, fish processing and fishery rejects industries;
  5. that present solutions of monitoring and environmental remediation;
  6. apply biotechnology to reduce the environmental footprint of economic activities connected to the sea.

Update 16/01/2018: one application still available – there is already two applications with the Técnico as promoter and therefore there are only two more available

Monitoring & Protection of the Marine

Deadline: 19/03/2018

Maximum Funding for applications: € 150,000

* € 75,000 for actions to raise awareness and promote ocean literacy

Rate Financing: 90% Eligible expenses

Each beneficiary may, at most, be the promoter of three applications.

Typology of actions to be financed:

  1. Contribute to the knowledge of national marine waters at the level of any of the descriptors of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive;
  2. to contribute to compliance with the requirements of international conventions, in particular the International Maritime Organization and the European Union, with a view to preventing air pollution and the marine environment for the sustainable development of maritime transport;
  3. the development of innovative Information and Communication Technologies to support decision-making in the context of the monitoring, assessment and management of environmental risks of natural or human origin, including climate change;
  4. The development of studies and implementation of measures for the protection and/or recovery of marine ecosystems and biodiversity in national waters, particularly in classified zones, including collaborative platforms and environmental co-management projects, and marine resources, involving local communities;
  5. development of technological tools to support the circular economy in the area of ​​the sea, including in particular the development of online digital platforms and technologies providing integrated information on port services for selective collection of marine litter and enabling ships and craft environmentally conscious decisions regarding waste management;
  6. contribute to the awareness and awareness of the importance of national marine ecosystem services for the well-being and their valuation, in particular as regards the relationship between the health of the marine environment and human health;
  7. Ocean literacy awareness and promotion projects focusing on the relationship between the importance of a healthy ocean, human well-being and the long-term development of the sea economy, actively involving the school and local community, scientific community, the business sector of the sea, municipalities and professionals of the economy of the sea.
Eligibility of expenditure:

Within the scope of this notice and taking into account the provisions of Article 21 of the Regulation, the following expenses are considered eligible:

a) Direct costs:

  • Human resources assigned to the project;
  • Acquisition of instruments and technical equipment, essential to the project, if they are used throughout their useful life in the business project;
  • Amortization of technical instruments and equipment, essential to the project, whose useful life is contained in the execution period, but is not exhausted in it;
  • Expenses associated with national and foreign patent registration;
  • Expenses with demonstration, promotion and dissemination of project results;
  • Acquisition of other goods and services directly related to the execution of the project, including the costs of consultants that do not constitute subcontracts;
  • Travel and accommodation at home and abroad.

(b) indirect costs, with a fixed rate of eligible costs, excluding subcontracting and resources provided by third parties.

(c) expenditure relating to projects co-financed by other public or private national, European or international funds, subject to paragraph (a) of this paragraph, and not subject to financing by another fund, shall also be eligible.

(d) The expenditure provided for in Article 21 (2) of the Regulation shall not be eligible.

Form and deadline for submission of applications
Applications are submitted by submitting them to the e-mail address:, with its own form available on the DGPM website at (submenu “Blue Fund”), to which all the documents in digital form which constitute the application file are annexed, in accordance with the list of documents to be delivered by the beneficiary.
Applications must be submitted between December 4, 2017 and March 4, 2018.
Applications must be submitted in Portuguese or English.
Applicants must complete the application form, in accordance with the guidelines provided in the “Promoter Procedures Manual”, also available on the DGPM portal.Note: See the selection criteria available in each application

New Entrepreneurs of the Sea

Deadline: 02/28/2018

Maximum Funding by applications:

€ 500,000 – item a) to e) and € 150,000 – item f) of the typology of actions to be financed

Rate Financing: 90% Eligible expenses

Each beneficiary may, at most, be the promoter of three applications

Typology of actions to be financed:

a) Blue Biotechnology: creation of new businesses focused on the application of biological resources competitive new products in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medicine, new materials engineering and the food industry, or other sectors of activity. Application of industry 4.0 in the management, control, monitoring and support systems to blue biotechnology.

b) Digital Ocean Renewable Energies (Industry 4.0): creation of new business focused on application of industry 4.0 in the generation of automated digital products and services, which efficiency and reduce the costs of safety and maintenance ocean renewable energies, such as: software for the integration of big data, advanced analytics and simulation to support remote operations; big data analysis for monitoring of data integration and statistical utilization; reality technologies enhanced for real-time visualization of offshore and offshore structures; new sensors for data acquisition; among other products and services.

c) Ports 4.0: new solutions focused on the application of Industry 4.0 in the national port network, with a view to increasing its operational excellence by creating intelligent, autonomous, automated, integrated and self-learning capabilities, high customization of the products / services, as well as better performance in the dimensions of operational, energy and environmental efficiency, such as:

  1. Introduction of intelligent systems in port and maritime logistics and production (shipping);
  2. Introduction of competitive solutions that increase the digital connectivity between as well as between ships and ports;
  3. Development of modular and adaptive logistics and production systems applied to port and shipping operations;
  4. Integration of automation and human-machine interaction technologies in shipping and port operations and procedures;
  5. Development of big-time solutions applied to the predictive management of handling of goods and passengers.

d) Oceanic robotics: creation of new businesses focused on competitive solutions of application of ocean robotics (including sea-air systems) in maritime related operations with economic activities (eg fishing, aquaculture), security and maintenance of structures offshore and offshore vessels, security and surveillance of maritime space, among others.

(e) Sustainable sea economy: promoting new sustainable business models through solutions and technologies that mitigate the carbon intensity and impact of environment, shipping, shipping, aquaculture, and other economic conditions linked to the sea. Promotion of renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy circular economy and the elimination of waste in the industries of the Economy of the Sea.

(f) Education, vocational training and literacy for the ocean: creation of new models of ocean education and literacy business, including training on the oceans, promoters of direct contact with the marine resources, among others, with the objective of agents with technical skills and environmental awareness, with a view to development of an innovative and sustainable ocean economy.

More information is available on the website of the General-Office for Maritime Policy:


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