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Scanning the European Industry – Financing opportunities for 2018-2020

27 of June, 2017

The Digital Innovation Hubs consist of a one-stop-shop to help companies become more competitive in their business, production processes, products and services, leveraging digital technologies. They involve all types of actors in the most diverse roles to foster a “digital innovation ecosystem”, performing activities such as:

· Access to knowledge and technology to support pilot companies, testing and experimentation with digital innovations

· Financial and business support for the implementation of innovations (along the entire value chain, if necessary)

· Strengthening the innovation ecosystem

· Connection with service providers outside your region to support their companies

The activities mentioned are just examples and many more could be included, taking into account possible local / regional / sectoral needs. It is a very comprehensive concept and without a single approach. The European Commission recognizes the potential of this concept and is betting on several initiatives to support and unleash a European network of Digital Innovation Hubs < >. Among these initiatives, we drew attention to a questionnaire for the creation of a catalog of Digital Innovation Hubs at European level:< / Eusurvey / runner / Questionnaire>

In this initial phase of the questionnaire, there are 3 requirements for the Digital Innovation Hubs that can answer:

1. Initiated as part of European or national policy initiatives for the digitization of industry

2. Receive government funding

3. With 3 examples of services provided to customers

The H2020 will also have topics focused on building this European network of Digital Innovation Hubs. Watch our priority outreach sessions for 2018-2020 (see table below) or contact us for more information.

Event – Digitizing European Industry – Financing opportunities for 2018-2020

Local – INESC TEC, Porto

Início – 14h30

Data – 10/07/2017

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