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UT Austin Portugal Program | 2019 Call for Exploratory Research Projects – Now Open!

7 of November, 2019

The Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) announces its 2019 Call for Exploratory Research Projects (ERP), under the UT Austin Portugal Program.

Get funding to lead up to 12-month projects in partnership with UT Austin faculty on emerging and transformative R&D topics in the four scientific areas of the Program!

Submissions are open until December 17, 2019!

Apply now!

The Exploratory Research Projects Call is designed to assist teams of researchers from non-corporate entities of the National Scientific and Technology System and The University of Texas at Austin, by bootstrapping high-impact potential research activities in the scientific areas of the UT Austin Portugal Program and aligned with strategic international R&D agendas.

What type of research projects are we looking for?

Groundbreaking, high-risk/high-reward projects that show promise for significant future expansion of their goals and propose potential solutions to real-world problems.

In what areas?

Advanced Computing

Medical Physics for Emerging Cancer Therapies Nano Materials for New

Markets Space-Earth Interactions Who must be leading the project proposals?

Eligible proposals must include, at least, one Portuguese entity with eligibility status and, at least, one partner at UT Austin (or at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in the area of Medical Physics or at the Texas Advanced Computing Center in the area of Advanced Computing, if applicable).

Who is entitled to funding through this call?

The following Portuguese entities:

– Higher Education institutions, their institutes and R&D units;

– State or International Laboratories with head office in Portugal;

– Non-profit private and public institutions whose main objective is R&D activities;

– Other non-profit private and public institutions developing or participating in scientific research activities.

UT Austin research teams will be funded by the budget of the Program at UT Austin.

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Applications must be submitted through FCT’s platform.

Please note the information provided here does not replace the reading of the official announcement and related documentation available at FCT’s website.


For scientific nature inquires, please contact the UT Austin Portugal Program at

( (Portuguese entities) or at (Research teams at UT Austin, MD Anderson Cancer Center or at TACC).


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