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Infoday FET Open – 30 june, IST

19 of June, 2017

Técnico will host on June 30th the Infoday FET Open organized by GPPQ.

The FET Open competition aims to finance new, radical and high-risk ideas to accelerate development in any technology area. In turn, within this contest, a new instrument, the FET Innovation Launchpad, has recently been launched, which funds the performance of innovation activities around the results of ongoing or recently completed FET Open projects.

Given the high interest of this competition for the national scientific and business community, GPPQ is organizing a session on the FET Open competition, one of the most flexible and open financing schemes for the H2020, on June 30th. The session will be attended by Timo Hallantie, Director of the Fostering Novel Ideas Unit: FET-Open from the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission.

The event will also present the current status of national and European participation in FETs, sharing the experience of national success stories in the FET Open competition and the framework of the FET Open competition at the European Innovation Council (EIC) with launch Expected for 2018.

We count on your presence. The event is free, but registration is mandatory given the limitation of the room where it will take place:

Local Date Registration
Lisboa (Instituto Superior Técnico) 30/06/2017 Link


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