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IST ERC Acceleration Programme

The IST ERC Acceleration Programme is an internal support mechanism to help teachers and researchers in the preparation and submission of proposals under the European Research Council (ERC), the Scientific Research of Excellence funding mechanism of the Horizon Europe.

The ERC is the most prestigious funding mechanism under the Horizon Europe, the available funding is high and the applications are very competitive, and therefore Técnico is seeking to provide through the ERC Acceleration Program continued support to its scholars and researchers to submit an application.

The support mechanism is a continuous improvement program and is divided into 3 phases:

A Pre-evaluation stage to position the candidate through the analysis of his CV and Scientific Idea, submitting to an internal evaluation panel for feedback. After decision on proposal presentation, meetings will occur with the internal panel to support the writing and preparation of the proposal (critical reading, verification eligibility conditions, etc).

During the Call period the formal writing of the proposal takes place, with the continued support of the Técnico Services made available for this purpose (GATPI) and possible participation of external consultants.

In the Results stage, and after the submission of the proposal and in case of a positive evaluation, support will be provided in preparation for the interview (Núcleo de Desenvolvimento Académico). Results Indicators will be analyzed after the results of the applications. Mechanism repeats itself for the next Calls.

IST ERC Acceleration Programme is managed by GATPI. Any questions please contact