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Researcher Registration

If you are a Researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico, responsible for submitting a project to a PORTUGAL2020 Call, it must be through Balcão2020, and the application form is completed and submitted through the PAS – Simplified Access Platform.

In order to access the system, it is only necessary to register the User ID and Access Password in Balcão2020, and no other authentication is required to transit to the PAS.

To be able to create and submit applications to call’s, fill out the application form and submit questions/receive answers through the Balcão2020, you have to hold a Institution Internal Technician Profile, the appropriate profile for the Responsible Researcher(IRs) for the preparation of the application with access to features and permissions for registration.

To do this, you need to ask the Super-users of your Institution to create an Institution Internal Technician Profile for, providing them the following information:

  • Tax identification number
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Institution by which you want to submitthe application (IST / ISTID)

After the Super-User completes the internal technician profile creation, IR will receive an email message to activate their profile. After the activation, the IR will be redirected to Balcão2020 where it will have to fill out a small form with the information referring their name and the access password that will be used to access the system. For Balcão2020 to certify the veracity of the information entered, the user will be redirected to the authentication where he is invited to enter his credentials of the Tax Authority (only once upon the registration).

When the IR has the internal technician profile enabled the access to the system will be through the following credentials:

User = IR NIF
Access Password = chosen by you

Upon entering, you are eligible for the choice of Call, creation of a new application to a Call or access to an application already created, the latter through PAS.

You can consult the:

Contacts of the Super-Users of Instituto Superior Técnico:

Office Name Extension email
IPFN Filipa Alexandra de Sousa Ferrão 1694
DECivil Susana Paula Salvador Varela 2432
Nationals Teresa Cristina de Oliveira Malhoa Pereira 1381
Olga Maria Dias Ferreira Ribeiro 1586