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Copernicus Opportunities

Copernicus is the Union’s program for the observation and monitoring of the Earth, which should ensure the existence of an autonomous space observation capability of the Union and provide operational services in the field of environment, civil protection and civil security. The program should also provide accurate and reliable information on the environment and security, tailored to users’ needs and supporting other Union policies, in particular in the internal market, transport, environment, energy, security, cooperation with third countries and humanitarian aid.

The following services are part of the program:

  • Atmosphere monitoring service
  • Marine monitoring service
  • Land monitoring service
  • Climate change service
  • Emergency management service
  • Security service.


  • Monitoring the Earth to support environmental protection and civil protection and civil security efforts
  • Maximizing socio-economic benefits and thereby supporting the Europe 2020 strategy and its objectives of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, promoting the use of Earth observation in applications and services
  • Encouraging the development of a competitive European space and service industry and maximizing the opportunities for European companies to create and deliver innovative systems and services in the field of observation from the earth
  • Ensure independent access to environmental knowledge and key technologies for Earth observation and geo-information services, thus enabling Europe to take decisions and measures independently
  • Support and contribute to European policies and promote global initiatives, such as GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)
  • Provide accurate and reliable data and information to Copernicus users, in a long-term perspective and sustainability
  • Provide sustainable and reliable access to spatial information and data through an autonomous Union capability for Earth observation with coherent technical specifications as well as harnessing existing national and European assets and capabilities, complementing them where necessary
  • Provide sustainable and reliable access to on-the-spot data, in particular using existing capacities at European and national level, and global observation systems and networks

Target Audience

Who can apply:

  • Research Centers
  • Companies
  • Government Administrations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations